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University of applied sciences Nuernberg
49° 27' 10” North, 11° 05' 45” East, JN59NK18HP
TX RX function antenna status
144.825 MHz 144.825 MHz Packet Radio 1200 Baud Diamond X-7000 up
438.075 MHz 438.075 MHz Packet Radio 9600 Baud Diamond X-7000 up

DB0FHN is a central server for the AX.25 packet radio network in europe. You can access DB0FHN by packet radio or the internet.

You have to be a licensed hamradio operator to use radio services of DB0FHN. Maybe DB0FHN will grant access to more services than allowed. It is your job to care about the rules for hamradio depending on your current location (country).

DB0FHN needs to authenticate amateur radio operators to avoid abuse of the radio services DB0FHN offers. To reduce administration work you have to set your passwords yourself by packet radio. If you don't have any packet radio access you can try “Packet Radio Access by Internet Echolinkauthentication”. There are currently 3 different passwords available.

The Packet Radio Network uses the AX.25 protocol to exchange data. DB0FHN offers different ways to join.

The OpenBCM based Packet Radio Mailbox of DB0FHN can be accessed by Packet Radio or the HTTP-, SMTP- and POP3-protocol.

The Convers server of DB0FHN can be accessed by Packet Radio or the IRC-protocol.

TCP/IP over AX.25
The IPv4-pool is assigned to the amateur radio community. You can read about it at TCP/IP can be encapsulated and transported by AX.25. All services of DB0FHN can be used over radio.

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