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  • valid hamradio license
  • Echolinkclient running

TCP/IP-Information: Protocol UDP Port 9300 outbound & inbound


  • AXUDP-Tunnel to the local digipeater for use with packet radio software


  • one AXUDP-Tunnel by IP


  • AXUDP-Connection to Source-UDP-Port 9300 Destination-UDP-Port 9300

EchoLink® software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.
The Echolinkteam grant you access to the Echolinknetwork after they validated your callsign. So it is secure that only hamradio operators can use the network.
Please have a look on if you have no account, yet.

We run the conferenceroom *GERMANY* at DB0FHN and update every minute the ipaddresses of the current logged stations on the Echolinknetwork. We grant access to DB0FHN through an AXUDP Packet Radio Link to the users of such ipaddresses.

First of all you have to start your Echolinkclientsoftware. If you can see the stationlist you have been validated by the Echolinkteam. Then you can add an AXUDP-Link to with SourceUDP-Port 9300 and DestinationUDP-Port 9300. Here's a step-by-step example:

Get PC/Flexnet32 ( from and unpack the archive into a new directory (e.g. the programdirectory of Windows). Then start the “flexctl.exe” and choose Tools → Parameters. Double click channel 0 and click AXIP.

Box General: UDP-Port: 9300 Destinations: 1

Box Destination 1: IP Address: Port Number: 9300


After that you can download and install any packet radio terminal supporting PC/Flexnet like Paxon (Version 1.x) from You can change the language to english in Menu “Extras → Sprache” and restarting. Then you have to set your mycall and the device PC/Flexnet in Menu Settings. Now you should be able to connect to DB0FHN.

Please remember to wait about one minute after you started the Echolinksoftware to be registered as a valid hamradio operator at DB0FHN.



If you don't like to be connected by Voice-over-IP-users in Echolink you can change your Status to BUSY. If you are using a Router to access the internet you should forward UDP port 9300 to your desired local machine. If you don't forward this port the connection will maybe fail or you run into trouble because the UDP-Connection-Trackingtimer will timeout in idle mode of the AX25-connection. DB0FHN will poll every 30 seconds on an idle AX25-Connection.

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