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TCP/IP summary:

You can reach the packet radio mailbox in AX.25 by connecting to DB0FHN-8. We use the popular OpenBCM mailbox system. If you plan to use DB0FHN as your homemailbox you should set this with “mybbs db0fhn” sometimes. This information will be published to all other mailboxes and your personal mails will arrive. The integrated helpsystem is accessable by “help”. The full documentation as well as the software can be obtained at

You can reach the packet radio mailbox on the Internet here: If you like to have write access through the internet please go back to “Setting the Mailboxpassword” on the mainpage.

You can use POP3 and SMTP to receive and send packet radio mails. An example is shown by Outlook Express. Click Tools → Accounts and add a new Mailaccount:

Write down your name and your packet radio address. If you use DB0FHN as your homebbs your address is <callsign> Continue with “Next” if your mailclient claims about no valid emailaddress.

Write down the hostname for SMTP and POP3.

Use your callsign and tty-password as account data.

Now change settings of the new account with “properties”.

Choose tab “Advanced” and change port number for SMTP to 8025 and port number for POP3 to 8110.


DB0FHN uses SMTP-after-POP. So you can send mails after you checked for new mails. You don't need the full hierarchical address for sending Mails. If you like to send me a message just use “dg8ngn@db0fhn” as receiver.

Sometimes you don't know the homebbs of your desired recpient. You can send your mail to ”<callsign>@db0fhn” and DB0FHN will try to resolve the path once a night.

Please use “plain text” as mail sending format. You can change it in menu at Tools → Options → Send → Mail Sending Format.

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