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  • valid hamradio license
  • internetconnection within a trusted network (see list) or the AMPRNet


  • AXUDP-Tunnel to the local digipeater for use with packet radio software


  • one AXUDP-Tunnel by IP


  • AXUDP-Connection to Source-UDP-Port 9300 Destination-UDP-Port 9300 (using trusted network)
  • AXUDP-Connection to Source-UDP-Port 9300 Destination-UDP-Port 9300 (using AMPRNet)

List of trusted networks based on and further networks added by DG8NGN. If you think I should add more networks contact me.

FH Nürnberg:
Uni Erlangen:
TU Dresden:
FH Augsburg:
TU Darmstadt:
Uni Regensburg:
FH Wolfenbuettel:

RWTH Aachen:
FH Aalen:
TU Berlin:
Uni Bochum:
Uni Bonn:
TU Braunschweig:
HS Bremen:
TU Chemnitz:
Uni Dortmund:
FH Dortmund:
Uni Duisburg:
Uni Essen:
FHT Esslingen:
FH Furtwangen:
Uni Halle-Wittenberg:
Uni Hannover:
TU Ilmenau:
FH Jena:
Uni Kaiserslautern:
Uni Karlsruhe:
FH Karlsruhe:,,
FH Kempten:
FH Konstanz:
FH Lippe:
FH Mittweida:
TU Muenchen:
UNI BW Muenchen:
FH Muenster:
FH Offenburg:
FH Pforzheim:
FH Regensburg:,,
Uni Saarland:
Uni Siegen:
FH Stralsund:
Uni Stuttgart:
FH Ulm:
FH Zwickau:
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