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This page is a collection of signals used by the amateur service (AS) and amateur satellite service (ASS). The goal is to create (A) IQ-recordings of each signal with known levels and/or (B) methods to generate signals on given frequencies with known levels.

One step during sharing studies is to examine the static case (Transmitter interference vs. Victim receiver). To perform sharing studies it is necessary to be able to play back all possible signals with known levels on affected frequencies (transmitter interference) and expose them to the receiver (victim receiver). Harmful interference is to be avoided and depends in the static case on the signal, frequency and level.


signalname type class of emission signal content necessary bandwidth possible source IQ-recording
Packet Radio 1k2 AFSK F2D 7×255 byte AX.25 12.5 kHz Soundcard <filename>
Packet Radio 9k6 FSK F1D 7×255 byte AX.25 25 kHz TNC <filename>
Packet Radio 19k2 FSK F1D 7×255 byte AX.25 50 kHz TNC <filename>
SSB Voice LSB J3E “CQ DX CQ DX DE DG8NGN” 2.7 kHz TRX <filename>
SSB Voice USB J3E “CQ DX CQ DX DE DG8NGN” 2.7 kHz TRX <filename>
FM Voice FM F3E “CQ DX CQ DX DE DG8NGN” 25 kHz TRX <filename>
FM Voice FM narrow F3E “CQ DX CQ DX DE DG8NGN” 12.5 kHz TRX <filename>
ATV Analogue
HAMNET 802.11n

(B) * DATV: Turn on SMBV, Do …, This …, That …

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