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  • valid hamradio license
  • Internetconnection
  • RAW-mode capable Telnetclient

TCP/IP-Information: Protocol TCP Port 8023 outbound or Protocol TCP Port 8024


  • Access to the local digipeater


  • you can't be connected
  • not very comfortable


  • Telnet Connection to Port 8023
  • Transparent Telnet Connection to Port 8024 (for use with WPP)

Click telnet:// and Login with Username and/or SSID (can be 0 to 15) and your password.

If your password will not be accepted by DB0FHN you maybe use wrong Telnetsettings. Please use RAW-Mode (e.g. Putty) for Connection.

Sample from a Windows XP machine.


Settings for Putty.

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