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  • PC/Flexnet32 installed on your System (see Section DB0FHN Category Services for examples)
  • at least Windows 2000
  • Terminalprogram using PC/Flexnet32 installed on your System (e.g. Paxon)


  • Nodesoftware for automatic hamradio stations


  • none


  • no summary

First download flxnod32.dll into your Flexnet directory. Close your PC/Flexnet32-Controlcenter with Tools → Shutdown FlexNet (if it is running).

Now start a new Consolebox with “Start → Run → cmd → OK”. Change into your PC/Flexnet32 directory and type “flexkrnl -install”.


Close your Consolebox and start your favourite terminal program. Connect FLXNET on PC/Flexnetchannel “FlexNet Digi” and set your nodecall (e.g. DB0NGN) and SSID-range with “mycall db0ngn 0 15”. Disconnect FLXNET.


Open Menu Tools → Parameter in FlexNet Control Center and doubleclick channel 15 to set a password with at least 10 characters.


Now configure all your channels with the FlexNet Control Center. Connect your node and set your links as you know from PC/Flexnet16 Digiversion.

If you have installed the IPOVER-Adapter for TCP/IP over AX25 you have to set a link on port 15 to your “Callsign for IP” with linkparameter @.

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