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Telecommunication tower Nuernberg
49° 25' 33” North, 11° 02' 21” East, JN59MK42QF
TX RX function status
439.9875 MHz - Pocsag-Transmitter down
144.800 MHz 144.800 MHz APRS Digipeater, APRS Gateway down
439.525 MHz 431.925 MHz D-Star: Gateway “DB0VOX B” up
439.250 MHz 431.650 MHz Repeater: Allstarlink “2398” + IRLP “5515” + Echolink “71665”
permanently linked to DB0FOX

D-Star: The gateway is part of the US-Trust-Network and the ircDDB network. User registration requests to talk across the internet: Dashboard:

Repeater: The repeater can be accessed using the webtransceiver or by phone (+49 821 9078368). User registrations:
Some german documentation can be found here: Vortrag Asterisk/app_rpt an der IPRT 2010 (Kapitel 3)

Das Spendenkonto ist unter diesem Link abrufbar:

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