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 +  * valid hamradio license
 +  * Echolinkconnection or RF Packet Radio
 +  * Linuxpassword for accessing most services through the internet
 +  * Connect DB0FHN-9 and run "​passwd"​
 +To set a password at DB0FHN you can either use the packet radio infrastructure or the echolinkauthentication as this is the only way to trust you to be a real hamradio operator holding a valid license :)
 +I setup my password using a PR430 with PC/​Flexnet32 and Paxon. I used the local digipeater DB0ZKA to access the packet radio network.
 +First I got PC/​Flexnet32 ( from http://​​~flexnet/​ and unpacked the archive into a new directory in my programdirectory of Windows. Then I started the "​flexctl.exe"​ and chose the new driver PR430 and configured everything to access my local digipeater DB0ZKA.
 +After that I downloaded the packet radio terminal Paxon from http://​ and installed the program. You can change the language to english in Menu "​Extras -> Sprache"​ and restarting. Then I set my callsign DG8NGN and the device PC/Flexnet in Menu Settings.
 +I connected DB0ZKA and checked the route to DB0FHN. There'​s a RF-route and I connected to set my password at DB0FHN-9 with "​passwd"​. Take care to use a secure password. Otherwise you wil be prompt for a better password from the system.
 +If you have no RF-route to DB0FHN you can try whether you can reach the IGATE or not with "d igate"​. If the destination is reachable you can connect to DB0FHN-9 via IGATE with "c db0fhn-9 igate"​. If you have no chance to get in touch with the packet radio network you can have a look on the "​Packet Radio Access by Echolinkauthentication"​ site.
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